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Frequently Asked Questions - Domain Name

1. Who owns the domain name when I register with US Net?
You are the owner of your domain.  ( We will register your domain when you sign up for an account with us.  You will be registered with Internic as the administrative contact and we will be listed as the technical and billing contact for the domain.  If you decide to secure a US Net domain name, ( it will remain the property of US Net.
2. What does the Internic fee cover?
The Internic fee of $70 covers your right to the domain for 2 years.  The cost is $35 for each year to maintain your registration.
3. What if someone has a trademark on a name used in my domain name?
Internic will register almost any name that is not already taken.  It is up to the person registering the domain to be sure they are not infringing on anyone else's trademark by either using their exact name or a similarity.
4. How long will it take to register my new domain name?
Depending on the amount of traffic Internic is experiencing, your site may be registered as early as that same day up to a week after submission.
5. How long before the world can connect to my domain name?
Your domain name should be available within a couple of days after Internic has confirmed the registration of your domain.  Please be patient — updates to different parts of the world may take longer than others.
6. What is the process to signup or transfer a domain to US Net?
Signing up with US Net is easy, just fill out our online signup form and we will take care of the rest, including registering your domain and sending you confirmation when your account is ready.  If you are transferring a domain we will submit a transfer request to Internic for you.  About a day or two after you have signed up, Internic will send you a Domain Transfer Agreement.  Just reply to Internic to give them permission to transfer your domain.  Within a few days, your domain will be transferred.  All domains are registered with US Net as the technical and billing contact and the customer as the administrative contact.
7. Where can I get more information on domain names and related resources?
If you would like more information on domain names or how the Internet structure works, go to InterNIC's home page at
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